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Founder, Wayne Jones, had more than three decades of work in various aerospace and precision machine companies in the southeast. In 1996 he decided he could take his experience and offer a better service and product than what was currently in the marketplace. Wayne and his wife, Pam, purchased their first $60,000 CNC mill on credit cards. The move was a huge risk for his family, but the former Marine knew tactical risks were often worth the gamble and he was correct. His attention to detail and speed at which he was able to deliver parts opened the flood gates. One of the Jones’s first customers asked them to purchase more machines to support their demand.

With a new thriving business, Wayne and Pam brought on their adult children, Waylon and P.J., to help with the shop and administrative duties. This is where the name Quadjay was born, four “J’s” to represent each of the four members of the Jones family which were now involved in the business. In 2013, Wayne and Pam decided to retire and sold the business to their son, Waylon. To date, Waylon has invested more than $1,000,000 in equipment and software upgrades, while growing the business up to 30% each year. Waylon and the team at Quadjay are now continuing the vision of delivering quality parts in a efficient manner with superior customer service.

208 Charles Ralph Dr.

Springfield, TN


Office: 615-384-0828

Fax: 615-457-8072

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