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Quadjay: 1996


  Quadjay Corporation was established by Wayne and Pam Jones in 1996, in the downtown area of Springfield, Tennessee. Their decades of work experience in aerospace precision machine companies, accounting and determination, the idea of the company was formed.

The retired Marine and wife took a "leap of faith" financial risk with children in tow and purchased their first CNC machine to get the business on its feet.

With Wayne's time served, his attention to superior machining of products, and the service given to clients, they surpassed the industry standards which pushed the business in the successful direction sought after.

As the years went on, the workforce expanded adding on their son and daughter, Waylon and P.J., who stepped into administrative and customer service roles. Thus, giving the well-chosen moniker, "Quadjay,"

- representing the four Joneses.


In 2000, a new building was constructed in the North Industrial Park of Springfield to allow for the purchase of more advanced machinery.  This readied Quadjay for a higher volume of components to be produced, and the business grew through the continued efforts with the family and employee workforce.

These efforts resulted in a well-deserved and earned retirement for Wayne and Pam in 2013. During this transition, the role of President and CEO was taken over by their son, Waylon. He invested more than one million dollars to ensure the company stayed current with cutting-edge technology in machinery and precision inspection equipment. 


Quadjay Corporation:
Present Day

The Quadjay Mission:

  • Provide excellence and dedication to our clients with superior, customizable products. 

  • Deliver with efficiency, value, and care from our workforce family.​

  • ​Commitment to integrity and craftsmanship in every product we provide.

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